A Good Day to Die Hard

A Good Day to
Die Hard (2013)

It has been a minute since I had been to the movies so this time I thought I would just pop in and to see what was playing. This is my typical MO. I don't look up what's playing or what time. I just get up and go and in all my years of attending the movies I think there has been maybe one time that a movie wasn't playing within a "Bite-To-Eat's" or "Whirl-Around-The-Mall's" time that I get there. Some things in life you should just be able to wing it. I think going to a movie theater that plays several movies several times a day should certainly qualify as one of them. 

Today I walked into a movie theater in the Eastern San Francisco Bay Area and among movies like 'Identity Thief', 'Safe Haven', 'Mama', 'Beautiful Creatures' and 'Safe Haven', A Good Day to Die Hard seemed to peak my interest most. Shortly after I made my decision I realized that you, The Flow Faithful are due for another Lights, Camera, Re-Action movie review and 'A Good Day to Die Hard' would probably peak your interest most as well... and... so... we have a movie viewing match made in Box Office heaven.


First off I want to say that I read the other reviews out there about  the movie and I want to say I HATE MOVIE CRITICS. I am just irritated with the movie bashing these guys hand out when most if not all could not even handle a camera and edit it with Apple's iMovie let alone direct, act or even cater a big budget feature film. I don't know what they are expecting when they go into a theater but they must find most of their life disappointing as most people's lives aren't as near exciting as even the worst movie to ever hit the big screen. I'm just saying. I could continue with the fact that 'A Good Day to Die Hard' debuted at number one in it's first weekend but movie critics would just insult your intelligence by saying movie goers don't know good entertainment. We think not.


So for all of you Action Hero, Action Movie fans 'A Good Day to Die Hard' delivers in just about every scene. If you want action with car chases, rapid gun fire, and things blowing up you'll be disappointed for a while 15 minutes as the movie warms up. After all the characters are introduced or re-introduced it's off to the races and I do mean off to the races. 


This movie, directed by John Moore, features once gain features Bruce Willis making his 5th appearance in the Die Hard Franchise since it's debut in 1988. A franchise which has grossed near Half a Billion Dollars to date. Yes, Bruce is looking a bit old but at least now he makes his appearance as the Dad of his son and CIA undercover spy, Jack McClane, played by Jai Courtney who also played a villianous role opposite Tom Cuise in Jack Reacher.  This time however, he's a good guy and a bad son or a good son of a bad father. I don't know... you watch the film and you figure it out. 


Nevertheless, after traveling thousands of miles to try to make peace with his John McClane Bruce Willis) wanders his way into the usual mayhem you would expect in a Die Hard movie but this time lead by his son Jack McClane (Jai Courtney) in a CIA special Ops mission. If there are awards for car chases this one has to be one of the greatest car chases of all time on just the amount of cars destroyed. I also haven't seen a more high flying car chase with cars flying through the air like Jordan from the Free Throw line. Bruce and Jai also spend more than their fair share of time flying, falling or being thrown through the air.


There is no short of automatic weapons and rapid fire mayhem either. With high powered artillery flying through the air one gains a respect for any rea life soldier that his put his life on the line for his country under such conditions. 


Of course no action film is complete without a dime peice and this movie teases you with the presence of Yuliya Snigir. A Russian born model and actress that add just a hint of sex appeal in a short skin showing, cleavage bearing wardrobe change and a flash of european style thigh high stockings in a get-away scene. She definitely had the potential to steam up the set if they chose to give her moment with either of the leading men.


All in all 'A Good Day to Die Hard' is a blast...Literally. If you are an action movie fan it delivers on all fronts with both action and smart mouthed comedy. I know I was laughing as was the audience. Don't beleive the up tight critics you see all over the net, their lives are unfulfilled so they fill the need to bash the hard work of others to make themselves feel important. Take it from us, Lights Camera Re-Action at TheFlowOnline.com. We know what you want to see because we see eye to eye... from the eyes of Hip Hop. With all that said we say Pay Full Price to see this movie. The sound effects alone require you to be in a big theater to get the full effect of the all the action along with the big screen pyroglyphics. Then you might want to cop that DVD in 3 months to add to your collection for those rainy or lazy days. 'A Good Day to Die Hard'. See the Trailer Here.



Die Hard (1988)

Take is back to where it all began with the original intallment of the Die Hard Franchise. At just a little under $80 million in total gross receipts to date it's hard to beleive that the latest release has almost reached near half that amount in just a single weekend. But this is where it all began. 


Bruce Willis, television star that played a smart mouthed detective in the popular 80s telivision show Moonlighting. With the success of the francise you would have never known Bruce Willis was not the first choice of the film. It is said that Richard Gere, Arnold Shwartznegger and Burt Reynolds all passed on the role but when Bruce landed the job he seemed to fit the role all too perfectly.


In the first intallment of the Die Hard Franchise Willis shot the movie at night, working around his Moonlighting schedule. he got $5 million for the film, which seemed like crazy amount for a TV goofball stepping into a role that more accomplished actors turned down. Watch the movie though and you will think it was well earned as you witness a man caught up in a high rise building cracking jokes, experiencing fear, bleeds and even calls himself names. Over 35 minutes go by before he points a gun or throws a punch, during which you get to know Willis as a warrior with a broken heart, a cynic whose love for his estranged wife undercuts everything he thinks he's learned about human nature from a life spent putting New York scumbags behind bars and a nervous flier. There aren't nearly as many bullets flying or explosions in the first intallment but it is here that you get the background that built the character to still draw crowds 25 years and 4 films later. On one of those, raingy days, lazy days, stay-at-home movie nights  check out the original installment of Die Hard. You won't regret it.

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