The Call (2013)

The Call 
By Roger Hooks, Jr. 

"Emotional Thriller"... best coins this movie featuring the diva darling and Academy Award Winner, Halle Berry as well as the Urban Hunk of Dark Chocolate, Morris Chestnut. Since the theaters in my area are mostly multi-cultural I am surprised at how many other cultures flock to see movies starring Black celebrities. I was tempted to holla out "Who is here to see Halle Berry?", then "Who is here to see Morris Chestnut?" I was interested because there seemed to be lots of young dime peices whereas I would have thought Morris Chestnut would have been considered past his prime. But Apparently not. 


Now if you're looking to see anything but Halle's face in this film you will be bitterly disappointed. Unlike her starring role in Swordfish, she's casually dressed most of the way through with a modest peep of a lil someth'n up top near the end of the film.


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Even for the ladies you have no chance of Morris bearing any chest of any sort. The movie puts sex appeal to the side and relies on tense build up and jumps out at you when you least expect it.


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Now for those of us that go back ways we can say we know Halle from her days in B.A.P.P.S, Boomerang, and Strictly Business. You remember those days. You may want to pull one of those movies up just for old time sake.


Then you got Morris Boyz in the Hood, The Best Man and Brothers. Yep we go way back. 


...but back to the flim.


Ranking #2 in it's first week with just over $17M at the Box Office, "The Call" is directed by Brad Anderson and Written by Richard D'Ovidio. The movie is about a veteran 911 Call Dispatch Operator, Jordan played by Halle Berry. The movie gives us a glimpse into the psychological challenge and emotional wrenching that a 911 Operator must endure. From stabbings, to shootings, to the local town drunk just looking for conversation, 911 Operators are the "True First Responders" offering first-aide instructions to escape tactics from would-be abductors, you learn to appreciate the time and effort of these unsung heroes. 


In this film Halle Berry's character Jordan Turner must face of with her past as she encounters a serial killer for the second time. Determined not to bare witness to the fate of the first victim Jordan Turner does what every 911 Operator is advised not to do and gets involved.


Morris Chestnut plays Officer Paul Phillips, Jordan's love interest and officer on the case. This is one of those films where the audience is right there in the film with the characters and when they jump the whole theater jumps. That is a testament of a good film. If this film doesn't get you to the edge of your seat you must be texting, which you are not supposed to be doing in the theater anyway. So be sure to turn your phone off and enjoy the film.


There is nothing in the film that really takes advantage of the large screen accept to help you get engulfed in the emotions of the film. I saw a few eyes being wiped in this one. One thing for sure the collective thrill of the entire theater and the community cheer for the heroin added to the pleasure of watching this film so for that reason we say "Pay Full Price"... This film takes advantage of a full theater and all the gasps, screams, and fist clinching that comes with it.




The Operator (2000)


If you like the "Operator" theme but want to stay home for the night dial up "The Operator" featuring Jacqueline Kim from "Star Trek Generations" and "Disclosure with Demi Moore and Michael Douglas. 


In this movie however, a man's lust and ill temper is turned against him when his ill manners offend a phone operator. She then turns to her devices to ruin his life and get her pay back.


Dallas attorney Gary Wheelan (Michael Laurence) is a very driven man with a thirst for jump offs, he's a gambling fiend, with a temper that can get out of pocket. The last is what gets him caught up. On a bad day when everything's gone wrong, he rips the Operator (Jacqueline Kim) a new one. Later she gets back at him: "You shouldn't have done that. Words are actions; actions bring consequences."


Soon Gary, who's representing a banker (Brion James) who has hustled a lot of people out of money, finds that the check for his new silver Jaguar was written to the music of Roger Troutman singing more bounce to the ounce. His credit cards get declined, and his wife (Christa Miler) of eight years gets put up on his extramarital activities and files for a separation. His bookie "Doc" (Stephen Tobolowsky) is also tired of play'n with Gary and is ready to put hands on him.


Overall this a good film about payback You just never know when your bad deeds are going to come back on you.


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