Let Me Explain


Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain (2013)

It's clear Kevin starts out to make a point with this stand up comedy film. It's obvious he feels he is under rated but after a world wide tour grossing 32 million dollars and laying claim to one of the top 5 highest grossing stand up comedy films of all time in its first month is making the statement that Kevin Hart is the real deal worthy to be mentioned in the same breath as Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.


In this stand up film Kevin comes out to set the story straight on his life in and out of the entertainment industry. He lays it all on the line, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.


If you can relate to a crazy Ex or Your boy that told the truth on you when you needed him to lie, you can surely relate to Kevin Hart. If you weren't into him yet or discounted him in any way shape or form in the past this film will make you want to go seeevery movie, stand up and Youtube movie from Soul Plane til now. We rate this film "Pay Full Price" because there's nothing like a punch line in a crowded theater full of people ready to laugh.


So if you are not in the mood to hit the theater and want to stay at home for a good laugh then dial up your favorite on-demand site and rent Eddie Murphy's 'Raw". (1987)


Witness history in this all time highest grossing stand-up comedy flick. Eddie is at his peak in this performance.


Watch a movie that provided the punch line to 80s Pop Culture.

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