Marvel Studios’ Black Panther climbs the charts and beats Titanic


Marvel Studios’ Black Panther climbs the charts and becomes one of the highest grossing films. Titanic, a popular and extremely loved movie, which was on the top of the list since 1997 has now faced cut throat competition after the release of Black Panther. 

After Black Panther, the next marvel film is “The Avengers: Infinity war” which is going to be premiered on April 27th. According to the sources and viewer’s response on Black Panther, it is expected that The Avengers will also gain too much success and love from across the world because of the Black Panther heroes appearances in the same. 

As per Gizmodo’s report, “Now Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, having grossed around 661 million in its incredible box office run, has narrowly edged the ship-sinking epic out, cementing its place as the third highest grossing US theatrical release of all time.”


Black Panther


The best part about this movie is that it has not only gained success from a particular country, but many other countries such as China, Saudi Arabia etc.

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