Top influential Hip Hop movies you must not miss

Best HipHop filmsRap music has always given life a different angle, because it lyrics, most of the times, consist of stories that depict the true side of the world, a side which is ignored by the majority of masses. To be precise, it can be said that rappers have become journalists because they speak up on the behalf of those sections which are snubbed and do not have a solid recognition.

Hip hop music has portrayed the true picture of gun violence, gang culture, drug addicts, poverty and other sections. There also came a time when these music videos were banned. However, it’s impact was so strong and powerful and it made homes in hearts of several people and this is how it came into being, once again.

Since, these small clips had been gaining a lot of popularity amongst the masses, a sudden change took place, where the same had started being converted into long videos and movies. Rappers, themselves acted in such movies and did all the necessary work, behind the scenes to produce it in the best possible manner and their this hard-work helped them in acquiring fruitful results from the public.Following is the list of top influential hip-hop movies which you must not miss:

  • Menace 2 society
  • Juice
  • Boyz ‘n The Hood
  • Belly
  • 8 Mile
  • How High
  • Friday
  • House Party
  • New Jack City
  • Paid in full

These are top ten stunning masterpieces, which have influenced a wide range of people in the society. Most of them have an appealing star cast because big celebrity artists have acted in the same. To know more about these movies or to have deeper insights into the hip hop world, get in touch with us at The Flow Online. For more information, call or drop a mail. 

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