“Avengers: Infinity War” A spoiler free review

Before you begin to read this, it is to inform you that this is a spoiler free review that will not bring your curiosity to halt, by any chance.

This movie is based on Thanos’ story which is depicted like a comic book. There are very many characters present in the movie but none of them really got a chance to shine, individually. Also, while most of the people liked the movie, a lot of them also stated that it moves forward way too quickly, as if it was a roller coaster not knowing how to slow down. There are certain scenes which pass too rapidly, leaving the viewer in a little confusion about what exactly happened.

Thanos being the main character remains on the screen for most of the time and also has plenty of lines to speak. While all marvel villains ask for authority, this character has no interest in dominating the world. In lieu, he wants to be the one to spread peace and tranquillity across the world. His aims are based on his personal experience that led him to believe that mass culling needs to take place if this universe wants to achieve balance.

While this movie does have some funny one-liners in the middle, you will not find much being said by others because the movie aims at revolving around the main character only.

Like any other marvel movie, even this one has a lot of humor, but to your shock, the death rate in this one is bit high when compared with others. And if you have seen only one character playing most of the part in the trailer, you will know why it happened, after watching it entirely.

In the end, this movie is of-course epic and ultimate in every manner but rest depends upon what you have been expecting from it.

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