Deadpool 2: Spoiler free review!



Deadpool 2 is a movie, decked up with pop culture references. Some of them turned out to be very easy to understand, however there are certain instances in the movie which might not get into your brain very easily, due to their complicated screenplay.

The movie, however, has been written in a tremendous way, making it extremely interesting for the Deadpool fans and all the other people who want to give this movie a shot for the first time. Each and every scene is brilliantly shot; and for your information most of them, like always, are action based. Talking of the comedy, Deadpool has always had excellent dialogues and punch lines, which grabs the audience attention and keeps it still for a while, breaking them into various giggle slots.

The supporting cast has done a great job in helping the sequel end well, after the huge success of part 1. Some of you may find that this part has more of violence, but then you must know that, it is what DEADPOOL is all about. This is one of those basic things that are mandatory in a movie like Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds, as always, has taken this film to another level, giving it a new angle with his exceptional acting skills. Just in case you haven’t watched it yet, you must know you are going to be late if you do not visit the theatre this weekend.

Leaving the rest for you to see and not planning on to give any spoilers, remain in touch with us at The Flow Online to know what next is going to hit the box office. For details call or mail! We look forward to hear from our hip-hop fans soon.  

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