Jurassic Park: Fallen kingdom

jurassic world fallen kingdom

This sequel of Jurassic park science-based fiction adventure movie of 2018, directed by one and only J. A. Bayona. This is the fifth sequel of the Jurassic Park movies and undoubtedly like them all, even this will create a lot of curiosity, suspense and thrill amongst the audience.

The film portrays scenes of an island which has been prepared fictionally. He cast of the movie is as follows:
• Chris Pratt
• Bryce Dallas Howard
• B.D Wong
• Jeff Goldblum
• Ted Levine
• Safe Spall
• Toby Jones
• Justice Smith
• James Cromwell
• Geraldine Chaplin

The shooting of this film began previous year in 2017. The locations of the same were Hawaii and United Kingdom. The movie’s premier has already taken place in certain areas such as Madrid and Spain during the mid-days of May. However, the same is scheduled to release on June 22, 2018 by Universal Pictures.
Jurassic park is one such movie which is enjoyed by all age groups, no matter whether the person watching it is a little kid or a senior person. This is one of the chief reasons why this movie has always gained success from the masses, and the number of sequel is very much in front of your eyes.
This is all about the upcoming movie Jurassic Park, today. Let us look forward to what else comes in way of this movie in July while it competes with various other films on the cards. To know more about this movie and the characters playing roles in it, remain in touch with us at The Flow Online. We look forward to hear from you more. Call or mail for further details!

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