Movies to release this month at the Box office

Movies to release

The season of movies never end but it seems that this month July has commenced its journey with a plethora of blockbusters at the box office. While the old ones have already been doing a great job at the theatres, lets see what the wind of new movies bring to us.

Here is a list of some amazing and most awaited movies coming soon this month:

  • Antman and the wasp
  • Mission impossible: fallout
  • Sicario
  • Skycraper
  • The equalizer 2

While there are many more other fantastic releases on the cards this month, the above mentioned five are a few for which the audience is eagerly waiting.

While this is all about what is coming up next on the charts. We hope the best for them and also wish that they will earn a great deal of profit at the boxoffice.

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