The Equalizer 2: Are you ready for it?

The Equalizer 2: Are you ready Director Antoine Fuqua is all set to hit the box office with his upcoming movie called The Equalizer 2. This movie is undoubtedly a sequel of its first part, which was named The Equalizer. The release date for the same is said to be July 20th 2018 which is very much near and hence the curiosity and eagerness that is generating amongst the masses is acceptingly obvious.

The cast of the movie is:

  • Denzel Washington as Robert
  • Pedro Pascal as Dave
  • Bill Pullman as Brian
  • Melissa Leo as Susan
  • Jonathan Scarfe as Resnick
  • Orson Bean as Sam
  • Sakina Jaffrey as Fatima
  • Caroline Day as Amy
  • Ashton Sanders as Miles

And the list goes on because the movie consists of a great deal of characters. The genre of the movie is going to be the same, reason being it is a sequel ofcourse. So, the audience will again get to see a fantastic thriller movie with great combined with crime.

This is all about how a new movie is going to mesmerise the audience. While the exact storyline is not out, but the previous movie was good enough to help us in announcing that this sequel is going to be no less.

While you will have to wait for atleast a week to see what this story brings in! Stay connected with us at The Flow Online to know how it did at the box office. For more information, call us up or drop a mail.

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