Mission Impossible – Fallout: Spoiler free gist!

Mission Impossible – Fallout

Mission Impossible as we all know has always been a master piece when it comes to portraying world class action and thriller on the big screen. This time the movie revolves around a character (Tom Cruise) who along with his team tries to protect the world from a nuclear threat. The tragedy in the movie is created when the main hero is put in a trap. One of the CIA’s agent is sent on a plan where the same is asked to keep an eye on Ethan’s (cruise) actions. This is exactly when the real battle begins. You will be happy to know that the crux of the story is showcased through incredible eye arresting scenes.

Some of you might feel that the first half of the movie is a bit slow as compared to the final segment. But this however will come to your mind only after you have seen the conclusion. Since, the first half of the movie tries to set a plot and introduces you to a new story line, it being comparatively slower than the ending part is pretty much natural and obvious.

While the movie up till now has collected more of the positives than negatives, let’s see what you as an audience will have to say after watching it. As of now, it is highly recommended and you must go watch it in your nearby theatres.

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