Mile 22: Spoiler free review!

Mile 22 ReviewsMile 22 is an American movie, directed by Peter Bergh and written by the very talented Lea Carpenter. This movie revolves around action and thriller with a character named James Silva who is a paramilitary operative in the CIA’s least understood yet highly prized department.

The movie is about his journey where he holds a very important piece of information for 22 miles.

The cast of the movie:

Mark Wahlberg, Lauren Cohan, IkoUwais, Ronda Rousey

Critics as of now has not favored this movie much and has pointed on it a lot many times by throwing a plethora of statements of criticism on it. However, the editing, action and the dialogues have gained huge applause from the same and it has also been said that IkoUwais has given a tremendous performance in this movie.

While this is all about what others have spoken on it. If you are interested in watching this movie and had been waiting for it since very long, then it is time that you book your tickets in the nearby theater today.

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