What critics has to say about Mile 22 and Alpha

Two much awaited movies Mile 22 and Alpha have finally hit the box office . Since, a lot of hype was going across the masses for these two, it is for your information that apart from the releasing month, there is nothing in common that both of them have shared after the release.

Critics has spoken a lot about them. From their storylines and genres to the dialogue representation, each and everything has been scrutinized minutely. A lot of them said that Alpha is way better in all these terms when compared with Mile 22. While both of them had equally strong plot and actors, alpha did way better than what Mile 22 had been showcasing since the trailer had been out.

Not only does it take the audience attention to another level but the manner in which this movie’s adventure has been portrayed is tremendous in its own way.

While this is all about what only a bunch of few people have said about it, let us look forward to how masses react about the same. The scene can go completely upside down when the results will come out. Since, the major lot of people would go to watch these movies during the weekend, let us wait for a day or two to know what they have to say about it. Till then stay connected with us at Flow Online. 

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