September 14, 2018: Be ready to welcome an avalanche of new releases today!

September 14 begins with a great number of movie releases across the world. Be it an action film or comedy, all the genres have something or the other to contribute from its end. Here is a list of movies that are hitting the box office today, take a look and decide which one are you going for this weekend: 

  • A simple favor
  • The predator
  • The white boy Rick
  • Unbroken: Path to redemption
  • Lizzie
  • A wizard’s tale
  • Final score
  • The toybox
  • Mandy
  • Another time
  • The angel
  • Dont leave home
  • The children act
  • The riot act
  • American chaos
  • The land of steady habits
  • HAL
  • MDMA
  • Science fair

 These are all the movies that are to release today. In our next article you will find out reviews of the same along with ratings. We will also write about which out of all of them turned out to be the best and how much did it earn. To know all this, remain in touch with us at The Flow online. For more information or queries, call or mail. Look forward to hear from you. 

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