Scariest Netflix movies to watch this Halloween

Netflix has become one of the leading movie streaming sites across the world. Not only does it offer movies but plenty of tv shows and other short films, without keeping viewers in boundaries of cut off points or finishing times and dates. The best part is that it offers myriads of options for all types of people. Since it consists of content coming from almost all genres, each and every person is able to find something or the other that can engage him/her. 
October has begun and this gives birth to the idea that one must pull up his socks as it is time for the Halloween saga to begin. Apart, from all the activities that one gets to do during this event, there are plenty other things that one can involve him/herself into for making the celebration even more memorable and engaging. 
Binge watching is one great way of acquiring a truckload of entertainment which most of you generally miss during your work days. Netflix being one of the best sources has plenty of options to provide you this season. Here is a list of top scariest movies you can watch on Netflix this time during Halloween: 

The babadook
The Conjuring
Train to Busan
It follows
The shining
The ritual
Under the shadow

The list will keep increasing as the Halloween is approaching quickly with the passage of time. Stay in touch with us at Flow Online to gather plenty of news updates on what hip-hop artists are planning to do to make most of their event this year. For more details, call or mail. 
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