Spider Man: Far from from reveals Peter Parker's upgrade!

Spider Man: Far from from reveals
While the movie is all ready to hit the theaters next year, here is what the media agencies have to show us so that we can fetch a slight glimpse of the same. Peter Parker up till now has gone through various costumes depending upon the need of the film he is doing. But this time, there is a slight change in the time. While whether it is a good change or a bad one totally depends upon the audience's judgement, here is a quick look at what it is going to be all about: 
The spider man in this new movie will be found wearing a new kind of suit and not the ones he was wearing in his previous parts. The outfit is known as the stealth suit and the pictures of the same got revealed at Brazil Comic-Con. The best part about the outfit is that no new tech is added to it. The web shooter tech which was earlier attached to the outfit is still there in the same away along with a new black outfit that also has huge goggles for the eye portion. 
Spider Man is definitely going to have a great deal of curiosity due to the kind of changes it is bringing along. We wish the team all the best for the release! 

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