Hand selected hip hop movies of the 90s

hip hop movies of the 90s
Hip hop movies are doing an amazing job in the film industry, not only from today or a couple of years ago but from the very inception of this genre. It is from the 80s that these movies are appreciated and loved, immensely. The best part about the movies that belong to this genre is that it does not cover the mainstream drama or romance, like other Hollywood movies. Movies that come from this industry are based on real-life issues and social troubles that each one of us is going through since ages. 
Though the budget and technology of the modern times have improved the quality of the same, extensively, it is the primarily the plot of old and vintage hip-hop movies that make us stick to them even now. If you have been looking for a set of finest hip hop movies from the 90s, here is your surprise. 
Take a quick glance to know what this amazing list consists of: 
House Party- 1990
Boyz N The Hood- 1991
Juice- 1992
New Jack City- 1991
CB4- 1993
Above The Rim- 1994
Menace Society- 1993
The Show- 1995
Friday- 1995
Belly- 1998
Watching these movies will not only turn out as an eye-opening activity for you but will also let you have deeper insights into the kinds of problems, that time used to deal with. For more updates on trending movies, hip-hop cover stories and whip-related news, stay in touch with us only at Flow Online.
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