Aquaman: What critics have got to say about it!

Aquaman reviews
Aquaman, the much awaited movie, released on the 14th, revolves around a story of a man Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) who finds his true heritage as the Atlantis' king. The plot of the entire movie sticks to how he proves his worth to his people and world, on a whole. 
There aren't any big surprises in Aquaman, just in case you had been waiting for it. But the way the story has been put on the screen is amazing. Great deal of work is done on the presentation and the same reflects clearly, throughout the movie. Long take sequences are better than others. Also, the stunt choreography is managed perfectly. Apart from that, there also is a romantic angle to the film which keeps a balance. Howbeit, what this movie lacks is nuance, which if could be added to it would have made it even better. The humor, is undoubtedly present in the movie in various ways, but the right kind of impact which it needs to put doesn't land. 
Despite the flaws, there's plenty that one will enjoy. The kind of efforts that Patrick Wilson, Willem Dafoe and Nicole Kidman have put through their acting, are worth a cloud of appreciation. Not only have they added depth to the movie, but also spark that makes it shine bright. Jason Mamoa has done an equally well job. No other actor suits this character as much as he did. He has put in his all to play it in the finest manner, ever. He has dominated the screen pretty well by putting his permanent mark on this character "Aquaman". 
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