Escape Room: Read what critics have said about it!

The new released, Escape Room, which had created a lot of curiosity among the masses comes from a psychological thriller background where a group of 6 strangers who find them tangled in weird circumstances walk their feet on a journey to find the clues behind them or die. The movie contains a set of various combinations such as terror, violence, action, haunt, mystery, adventure and suspense of course. 
Directed by Adam Robitel and Written by Maria Melnik and Bragi Schut has hit the box office yesterday on January 9,2019. As per the critics, the film apart from offering a mysterious plot in itself is a maze that does not come to an end even in the penultimate phase of the movie. While some of them say that it was predictable and absurd, the others also mention the good melodrama could be acquired out of every scene. The critics ask the masses to surrender themselves to the plot of the film, crazily, if you want the energy of the film to sweep you. Overall, the concept is good and direction has been done in a fantastic manner. But what according to them this movie lacks is something unique and different from other horror movies. 
While what they have to say is already noted down in the books of this movie's review chart. It is now the audience that gets to decide their take on it. For more reviews and movie plots, stay in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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