Get blown away by these top 2019 movie releases!

top 2019 movie releases
2018 had been a great year for movies and music. With some amazing releases like Mission Impossible, Venom. Aquaman, Vasp and more, almost every movie buff got plenty of content to watch and add to his or her list of favourites. The best thing about 2018 was that it dropped out movies in almost every genre which helped almost all movie enthusiasts to find something or the other as per their interests. 
While the previous year was terrific in terms of entertainment, what we have to find out now is how good or bad this year is going to be when compared with the former one. 
Just in case you have been thinking what 2019 is going to offer to you under the category of top movies. The below mentioned list is what you must have a look at: 
  • Avengers 4: May
  • Star Wars- Episode 9: December
  • IT - Chapter 2: September
  • Frozen 2: November
  • Wonder woman 2: November
  • Toy Story 4: June
  • Spider-Man 2: July
  • How to train your dragon 2: March
  • John Wick Chapter 2: May
While the above mentioned list consists of information regarding the best sequels, we will soon drop out details about those who would do a debut. To grab it all, remain in touch with us at Flow Online. 
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