Top on Box office this week!

Top on Box office this week
2019 has walked into March with lots of movies hitting up the box office from the very first week. With plenty of releases on March 1 to wide-ranging other today on 8th, the month clearly depicts that it has an assortment to give to the audience this entire month. But while we are yet to see which will turn out to be the best and most loved release of March 2019. Let us now move our eyes to the below-mentioned list to find out which movies aren't leaving their place on the Box office top 10, since the inception of this year.
  • The LEGO movie 2
  • What men want
  • Cold pursuit
  • The upside
  • Glass
  • The Prodigy
  • Green Book
  • Aquaman
  • Spider man
  • Miss Bala
And while these continue to be best and matchless, also take a look at the following to know what you will get to catch in your nearest theaters this week: 
  • Captain Marvel
  • The kid
  • The wedding guest
  • I'mm not here
  • Boy band 
  • An elephant sitting still
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