Movies dropping out in May 2019!

Movies dropping out in May 2019!
The fifth month of this year has already started and it seems like the new year was just yesterday. But while the time seems to be running quickly, it is the number of movies that we check while looking back, that make us realise that it was enough that we have seen from the beginning of this year. And just like any other month of 2019, even this one is full of exciting releases. 
Take a look at the following to check out the movies that are dropping out this time in May:
  1. Always be my maybe
  2. The intruder
  3. Long shot
  4. The convent
  5. Ugly dolls
  6. The last summer
  7. Bolden
  8. Dead Trigger
  9. Room for rent
  10. Wine country
  11. Clara
  12. The hustle
  13. All is true
  14. The third wife
  15. A dog's journey
  16. The meanest man in texas
  17. Aniara
  18. The sun is also a star
  19. Alladin
  20. Bright burn
While these are the top 20. We will keep you updated about what else is coming out. Keep in touch with us at Flow Online to grab in-depth details about movies coming out every Friday. We do not only cover the release dates but reviews, critic statements and plots. For more info, call or mail. 
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