Big Bang Theory finale episode has higher viewership than Game of Thrones

Big Bang Theory finale episode has higher viewership than Game of Thrones
The fifth month of the year 2019 has emerged as one of the most crucial and historical months in the cinematic industry. May has come up to this level not only because of the fantastic and huge amount of releases it has dropped but because of the two most popular and loved shows "The Big Bang Theory" and "Game of Thrones" reaching their end one after the other in the same month. 
And while both of these emanate from different genres which cannot be compared on any basis, it still comes out as an interesting fact that "The Big Bang Theory" gathered more viewership than the "Game of Thrones" when it comes to finale episode. 
Here are certain tweets that people had put up to throw light on their opinion pertaining to both these shows as well as to compare which show did better viewership wise.
  • I am a HUGE #got fan but @bigbangtheory in for the win!! 
  • Game of thrones could learn a lot from the big bang theory about how to end the show and give the viewers what they want #perfectending 
  • When The Big Bang Theory finale made me more emotional than the GoT finale 
  • I cried more for "The Big Bang Theory" finale than I did for the "Game of Thrones" finale.
 For now, it is time to bid both these shows farewell as both of them have surpassed their ending state. Looking forward to the next upcoming shows and with this, we promise to keep you updated with what you will be getting to see on your screens next. For stories, updates and latest news, stay in touch with Flow Online. 
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