X Men: Dark Phoenix added one more success in the hit franchise of X Men

X Men: Dark Phoenix
Last year was a good year for the Cinema. The audience witnesses many content oriented great movies and some powerful impeccable performances. Looks like this year is also going to super special as in the span of five months there have been really good releases. And now the month of June has brought a great movie called X Men: Dark Phoenix at the beginning of it.

The film hit the screens on this past Friday. The stellar star cast of the movie leaves no stone unturned to give the fans of this hit franchise a dose of entertainment. The film includes actors like Sophie Turner. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy, Jenifer Lawerence, and many others.  Sophie Turner aka Sansa Stark from famous TV show Game of Thrones stole the show. Her craft of acting and her strong written character keeps you on the edge of the seat. The story of this one awaited installment from the hit franchise is gripping and entertaining. The director of the film Simon Kinberg did his job exceptionally well. The installations of good special effects, this movie does not disappoint you at all. 

With a budget of 20 crores USD, this film is going to hit the right chord of audience heart and gives a great raise to the graph of the protagonist Sophie Turner’s career. This recent release has everything for an X Men fan to cherish and it is worth watching. With a great opening, Dark Phoenix is expected to earn a lot at the ticket window. The duration of movie is one hour and fifty four minutes, the genre of Sci Fi/ Action is a big hit these days and this movie is going to grace the list of good Sci Fi movies.

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