New Netflix releases coming out in September 2019

New Netflix releases coming out in September 2019
The beginning of the fall season is taking place with a lot of good things and one of them is the stuff that is dropping out on Netflix. These are not just movies or shows but original content by the team in form of both movies and series.

Take a look at the below mentioned list to know what your month is gonna be filled with. Go through them to plan out what and when would you binge watch:

- 300
- 68 kill
- Elena
- For the birds
- Igor
- The Saint
- Stripes
- Superbad
- The lake house
- The world we make
- Elite season 2
- Norm of the north
- The spy
- Eat pray love
- shameless season 9
- The chef show volume 2
- The Ranch part 7
- Tall girl
- Unbelievable
- We have always lived in the castle
- The last kids on earth
- Come and find me
- Oceans
- Fastest Car season 2
- American horror story
- Glitch season 3
- Furie
- Explained season 2
- The Grandmaster
- Bard of blood
- El marginal season 3
- Dragons rescue riders
- In the shade of the moon
- Locked up season 4
- The politician
- Skylines
- Gotham season 5

And while these are only a few, an avalanche of them will be coming out in sometime. For details on what’s dropping out in September except for the above  mentioned, get in touch with us at Flow Online.

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