List of Netflix Original movies and shows coming out in October!

List of Netflix Original movies and shows coming out in October!
September has been a packed month for Netlfix as it came out with a total of 41 original sets and movies. But while we call this month a fully packed one, you will be amazed to know that the month which is going to begin now (October) will have more releases than September to keep you completely occupied with binge-watching.Take a look at the following list to know what's dropping out so you do not miss out on anything that you might want to watch or think would be of interest to you: 
  • Carmen Sandiego Season 2
  • Nikki Glaser: Bangin'
  • Living undocumented
  • Ready to mingle
  • Rotten Season 2
  • Big Mouth  Season 3
  • Creeped out  Season 2
  • In the tall grass
  • Peaky blinders  Season 5
  • Raising dion 
  • Super monsters 
  • Legend Quest
  • Match! tennis juniors
  • Deon cole
  • The spooky tale of captain underpants hack-a-ween
  • Rhythm + flow
  • El camino -  a breaking bad movie
  • The forest of love
  • Fractured
  • Haunted Season 2 
  • Insatiable Season 2
  • Plan Coeur Season 2
  • Yoohoo to the rescue  Season 2
  • Ghosts of the sugar land
  • The unlisted
  • The yard 
  • Baby  Season 2
  • Eli
  • Interior Design masters
  • The house of flowers  Season 2
  • The laundromat
  • Living with yourself
  • MeatEater  Season 8
  • Seventeen
  • Tell me who i am 
  • Toon Season 2  
  • Upstarts
  • Unnatural selection
  • Spirit riding free
The above mentioned is a list of what is coming out till October 22nd, the list of what will be dropping out post 22nd will be covered in the next article. Till then remain in touch with us at Flow Online. For queries and more information, call or mail. 
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