El Camino acquires more than 6.5 million viewers!

El Camino acquires more than 6.5 million viewers!
Previous week, Netflix gave a surprise to its subscribers with the arrival of the Breaking Bad motion picture called El Camino. The sudden release of this movie was met with a lot of achievement, unequivocally the earned perspectives effectively bear witness to it. As indicated by Variety, the Breaking Bad motion picture which released on October eleventh pulled in over 6.5 million watchers altogether inside the initial three days. Not just this but the motion picture also came to a conclusion that there were near 8.2 million interesting watchers at home which included 2.6 million US watchers inside the initial 24 hours. The 18-34 statistic made up about 36% of these watchers. These numbers intently mirror the ones from the finale episode of the series, which attracted 5.9 million watchers altogether during its last scene which got broadcasted back in 2013. The film pursued the narrative of Jesse Pinkman as he got away from the meth-lab where he was kept in chains and should manage the death of his then-accomplice Walter White.

The best part about this release is that the movie has come with a special arrival of the similar dearest cast, for the most part, Jesse Plemons, Krysten Ritter, Bryan Cranston, Jonathan Banks, Matt Jones, Larry Hankin,  Charles Baker, Tess Harper Robert Forster and Scott Sheperd. 
And while the release news had come through the Netflix home page itself, the official Breaking Bad page on Netlfix had too dropped an upload on the same to spread the news of its release quickly amongst the masses. Since the two are associated with each other, the news of the same coming from the page of Breaking Bad was the perfect kind of promotion one could have ever done to put across the arrival announcement of the equivalent. 
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