Ten Signs: She's Not Interested

Ten Signs: She's Not Interested
By Matthew Shack

So you've finally found yourself a winner, you take her out to "Paint The Town Red", you both have a wonderful time, you may have even hit a little lip action, you call her up a few days later with the number she gave you and it's Popeye's Chicken and Biscuits?

Did you just get played or did you play yourself?



This is when you really need to reevaluate your dating choices and pick up your game because this girl is not interested.

Here are a few signs to look for so you don’t waste valuable time and money pursuing the wrong female:

She looks preoccupied and distracted. If she's genuinely interested in you she will give you her full undivided attention. If she's constantly checking her cell and keeps looking around, you're just another way to pass the time.

She’s not contributing to the conversation and not making any eye contact. If she's feeling you she will be receptive and ask you a lot questions so she can get to get to know you. If she isn't actively involved in communicating or gives short answers, then she’s most likely not feeling you and probably thinking of a way to part from your company.

She keeps over-distance between the two of you. This doesn't mean she's isn't sitting up under you like she's your girlfriend. This means a reasonable workable distance. If you’re out on a date at the club and she sits on the side by herself or in a crowded space with others and leaves you out on an island, this is not the business. A date means you should at least look like know each other. If you're dancing with her and there's enough room between you to land a G6, that means that she doesn’t want to get physical. You are in the friend zone.

She starts talking about or she's eyeing other studs. This is the Coup de grâce! This is also a ploy that an interested woman may use to test your jealousy level. But you will be able to recognize the difference. If she is truly buying in she wouldn’t have a pressing need to inform you of her mega-crush on, "A Pimp Named Slickback". Ole girl just isn't buying what you're selling, so always have a few backup opportunities on speed dial.

She hasn’t returned your calls or the number she gave you is a non-working number. Excuses, excuses, excuses are given but the proof is in the pudding. She may have the face of an angel but you my friend are "dead man walking". Charge her to the game. You deserve better.

If you've left messages and she doesn’t respond to your emails or texts.... DO NOT hit her up on Facebook or Twitter... period! You are now officially stalking her. If she reposts your pathetic attempts to see her again... it's all your fault!

If she wants to bring her friends along every time you ask her to go somewhere... You are done. Many girls will chaperone on a first meeting but not an official date. No one-on-one time is a critical indication of lack of interest. This could work out strongly in your favor if you have the mack skills but that is another article, altogether.

She's never introduced you to any of her friends.

She avoids intimate settings with you. That doesn't mean butt-naked sex. That means you ask her for a romantic dinner and she opts for a lunch date. In other words, you only see her in the day time. If she won't see you at night, you're not even getting up to bat much less scoring any runs.

If she plays up other girls with... “Ooh look at her.. don't you think she's cute?”.. It's a wrap. This innuendo is a Flagrant 1 Foul, yet we constantly fall for this optical allusion. Women are natural match-makers and will try to hook other women up, especially if they think that you might be a good catch for them. This can also work in your favor if you're not emotionally vested in the current girl. Nevertheless, it still means the same thing. She's not interested.

Now don't confuse any of these signs with a woman who wants you put in some work. Remember, many of these traits do overlap into other categories but still pay close attention.

You never want to be the last to know.

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