Never Show Weakness

Never Show Weakness
By Matthew Shack



Never show weakness or the world will eat you alive.


No one comes to the defense of the weak. The weak are at the mercy of the strong and will only be saved out of charity. But even the most merciful of people will grow tired of coming to your aid, without seeing progressive growth.

Never showing weakness isn't about acting hard or being a bully. That actually shows extreme cowardice and oppressive insecurity on a person's part.

Many times, the ones who look the strongest are actually the weakest of the bunch. The use of force or coercion to affect others are acts of weakness. Here are a few others:

Lifting weights just to intimidate people into submission is weak. Not admitting fault is weak. Not giving credit when credit is due is weak. Bragging about what you have or what you do to make others feel inferior is weak. Picking on defenseless people is weak. Talking about people behind their back but not to their face is weak. Never show weakness


Controlling Your Emotions

Never showing weakness is about gaining self-control and mastering your emotions. This doesn't mean stop feeling emotion, that would make you a machine.

Controlling your emotions gives you a definitive strategic advantage over those who are trying to manipulate you. It is far more difficult to fight an opponent who's moves you cannot predict nor detect. Make these manipulators earn a response at their own peril. The more predictable you are; the less options you have to work with.



Don't Mistake Kindness For Weakness

A common mistake of most people is equating kindness with weakness. It is the primary reason that you cannot afford be overtly nice to everyone. Treat those who deserve it with respect, politeness and common courtesy, that is the absolute minimum any person deserves. Any additional compassion is always at your discretion.



If you hold a door open for someone and they don't say, “Thank You”, why should you get angry? If you held the door to be acknowledged, you need to work on your self-esteem. You should've held the door because it was the right thing to do, regardless of acknowledgment.

As a nice person never get left holding the bag. If somebody is taking advantage of your kindness, stop saving them. Remove yourself from the situation permanently and see how well they do on their own. 


Meekness not Weakness 

"Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth" -Matthew 5:5

Meek and Weak do rhyme but that does not make them identical. They are not close in meaning even though some may think otherwise. Weakness signifies that the ability needed is not there due to a lack of strength. Meekness is not due to lack of ability or strength, but by a conscious or subconscious decision. As Robert Greene says in his book, The 33 Strategies Of War, "Ultimately, it is the leader who forces their opponent to fight on his/her terms who will be victorious."


The Meek: Choose not to fight
The Weak: Lack the will to fight

Meekness is strength brought under control. Control your emotions and you can control the results.


You Reach; I Teach


I'm a nice guy. But I'm the furthest from weak as you'll ever see.


Some men believe that being seen as a nice person means you're weaker than runny hot sauce. You shouldn't be mean, conceited or charming to achieve a certain reaction. You should do so because that's who you are.

Do You!

This is actually more challenging than it seems since it's so simple. Do things because you want to do them, understand that this is your core and you will become a leader worthy to be followed.  

There is also a reversal to this:

f I feel threatened, if I think that I’m being taken advantage of, or if I get the impression that someone is taking my kindness for weakness to highjack what is mine, I’ll take them out with extreme prejudice. Why? Because they underestimated me.

They assumed “Oh, he’s powerless, he won’t do anything.” After they get dressed down with the force of a Peterbilt Semi... they'll turn right around and have the nerve to be offended.

Don't be shocked. You tried me. You got cursed out.

You had me confused with the weak... I'm the meek!  It's always been my prerogative to flip the switch so we can either leave it at that, or we can take action. 

Never Show Weakness or No Mercy.





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