Slim Thug's 5 Tips for Staying Thick Breaded

Slim Thug's 5 Tips for Staying Thick Breaded

By Matthew Shack

Slim Thug is an “Boss Hogg Outlaw” by trade and very dexterious in creative hustling and stacking piles and piles of chips. 

He started out by dropping guest verses on mixtapes and other artists' albums for several years before making his full-length debut through The Neptunes' Star Trak label.

After successful ventures with Swishahouse and Interscope, Slim decided to cut out the middleman ala Frank Lucas and launch, Boss Hogg Outlawz/E1 Music.

Slim's pedigree of game comes from the notorious Northside neighborhood of Homestead/Scenic Woods in Houston, Texas.

"I thought I'd end up like my brothers, in jail or something," he says. Instead, he ended up a rap star with yards and yards of paper.

Some of the following Twitter language might be a bit on the "raw" side but the financial lessons are sound and stable. Apply these concepts to your personal and business life and you too may end up a "boss hogg" in the long run.

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