How to Deal with Haters

How to Deal with Haters
ByMatthew Shack


Haters Gonna Hate!

Haters don't hate you, they hate themselves. Haters don't like the way you make them feel and you are going to pay for it, one way or another. Never concern yourself with the feelings of a hater! It is a complete and utter waste of time.

If concerning yourself with a hater's feelings is the fuel; the spark is engaging or interacting with them on their terms. Their fuel and your spark are now flames that are burning your evergreen forest down to the ground.

Haters want you to respond. Haters want you to get upset. Haters want you to feel uncomfortable because that's how you make them feel. And whether you deserve it or not, haters are going to hate. Maybe it's your fault or maybe it isn't. Maybe you're just doing you. Maybe that person is envious of what you possess or what you have accomplished. Maybe they're insecure or fearful. Understand this, none of that matters to a hater. All that matters to them is that you suffer. You lose, they win... Zero-Sum game.. Checkmate.

Life is “chess not checkers” so be like Smokey the Bear, “Only YOU can prevent forest fires.”


Go and Brush your Shoulders off.


If the hatred is trivial, ignore it. If it is too big to ignore, address it once and move forward. To respond is positive but to react is negative. Never explain yourself to a hater nor defend. Your conversation with them should be a monologue not a dialogue. Say your piece and it's finished. You have better things to do like handling your own business. That's what originally created the hatred in the first place. While you're out living, they're out hating.

A hater's misery is not your option. Remember, do not hate back or risk becoming a hater. Being both hater and hypocrite is not the business to be in. Don't get emotional with haters, they are trivial. Treat them as such.


In order to have an enemy one must be someone who deserves attention. Remember that if you aren't being criticized then you aren't doing much with your life in the first place.

Opposition + Criticism = Progress.

The Kiss of Judas

Some of your biggest haters may be family members or even close friends.. so don't be surprised. As Aesop once said, “Familiarity breeds contempt” but the rules still apply. Ignore them or engage then ignore them on your terms. Keep on believing in yourself regardless of the ridicule. Channel that hatred and the temptation of getting even by enjoying your life to the fullest. That's how you win and will continue to win. They will either notice and move on to the next contestant on “The Price is Wrong” or continue to try trick you into being on the show. “The Hate Campaign” is always looking for someone to be elected and new reruits are always being drafted. Believe that!


Haters are going to hate. That's their job so let them do it. So what are you going to do?

Ask 3LW in their song,  “Playas Gon’ Play”.  


“The playas gon’ play..
Them haters gonna hate..
Them callers gonna call..
Them ballers gonna ball.”




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