Stop Simping!

Stop Simping!

By Matthew Shack

Man up, fellas!

Sometimes it's better to be lonely than continue being played.

Just because she looks good.. doesn't mean she is good.

Ask yourself...

Are you “caking up” with her like Betty Crocker but she's still “baking bread” with the muffin man?

Do you keep asking her on dates and she keeps saying, “No”?

Is she always too busy to talk when you call her?

Do you sweat it when she doesn't return your texts or tweets?

Are you doing drive-bys to see if her car is parked at her house?

Do you only see her when your wallet is open?

Are you so “hen pecked” that you will do anything to keep her from getting angry?


When you try to hang out with friends, does she fight with you and give out ultimatums?


Stop it! You're simping... and it's not a good look.


What is a Simp?

The word originated in the early 20th Century as a shortening of the word, “simpleton”. SIMP is also an acronym of (Someone that Impersonates or Mimics a Pimp). A man who tricks on women or cares too much about them also falls into this category.

A common saying among women that definitely equates to being a simp is, “He's too nice.” If you hear that? You are a simp, plain and simple.



Take Back Control of Your Mind

So you blew it, got caught cheating or was just too damn nice.. Deal with it. A real man lives by his decisions; for better or for worse.

Confidence as with anything else, starts with believing in yourself and takes dedication. To be dedicated to yourself means maintaining strict adherence to your decisions. Make a decision and don't look back, but only do so if you've thought it all the way to the end.

The best advice I've ever received was from my father on the subject of decision making, “Think of the worst possible scenario from making a decision and if you can't deal with that outcome.. Don't do it.”

Sound advice, Dad.

Everything is Your Fault to a Certain Point

It's very hard for rational human beings to take some responsibility for most unpleasant events in their lives. There are far more reasonable explanations to show the failure wasn't due to fault of their own.

The key is knowing when it is really on you and when it isn't but more often than not; you were directly involved in your own demise.

Here is a way you can test it:


If the relationship was wonderful would you take all or some of the credit? If the answer is yes, the opposite applies just the same. You may not like it, but it is what it is.

The ability to accept your “piece of the puzzle” and making sound decisions when it matters most, will make you a force to be reckoned with. Most people usually blame the other person, especially in bad relationships.

When a romance goes belly up, it's not uncommon for at least one of the participants to scheme up crafty ways to continue making the other person's life a living hell. Unfortunately, people in hell are thirsty and they're looking for a glass of ice-water.


Stop simping! Have some self-respect.


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