Create Your Own Circumstances

Create Your Own Circumstances

ByMatthew Shack

There are many clichés out there that place the blame firmly on fate's shoulders.

"That's life."
"Whatever happens.. happens."
"It is what it is." 
"It wasn't meant to be."

But there comes a time in a person's life that they have to shape the circumstances for themselves.


So grab the bull by the horns and take over the steering wheel. That time is now! 

The time to succeed is always now.

Control by Creativity

One thing I've always known about myself is how much of a team player I truly am. I've always wanted to be a part of a well-oiled machine that was doing big things. Sharing success with others is very successful.

As a high school and college athlete I was on some very good teams but sadly enough, we never won any championships. It could've been the coaching staff, the lack of comaraderie or even the selfishness of the players themselves but in the end it all meant the same thing.. Losing the big one or never getting there to begin with.

Every factor of failure with those teams had crucial elements that were not in my direct control. I either had no power or very little. The same chain reaction materialized within the various busted business ventures that I later became involved in. Too many cooks in the kitchen is one thing, but too many cooks making their own dishes at the expense of the other chef's meal is quite another.

People were always out for themselves. "Damn the team, we lost but..  I GOT MINE!"

Inescapably, the time came for me to seize control of the circumstances in both sports and business. Ultimately, it dawned on me that I just wanted to win more than my teammates and colleagues did. They may have been wonderful people or they may have been knuckleheads. Maybe they were more talented, had more contacts or resources than I did, but we definitely did not share the same intensity for accomplishment. We didn't share the same "will to win".

It was time to step out on faith and create things to do on my own. 

Take Action.. NOW!

Once I created my own circumstances, I dove into the water headfirst. My movitation started inwardly and manifested itself in my mind as the only legitimate chance for victory. Whether it was true or not was of no consequence, that is what I actually believed.

This I knew for certain, I had to keep my plans to myself as I knew there would be opposition. (Click Here to See Why)

I went out for the track team for the first time and won a league championship in the high jump, as a high school senior. In business, I started my own music production company and online magazine. I got what I wanted because I didn't have to answer to anyone. 


My own effort controlled own my outcome. Now, I win or lose on my own terms. In doing so, you too can play at your own tempo.

The Greatest Point Guard of All-time, Earvin "Magic" Johnson did the same thing as a player.

He controlled the tempo of the game from start to finish. When you were tired, he sped up the break. When you were getting too hot to handle, he walked the ball up-court.

That's what being a "floor general" means. You call the plays, you set the tempo and you run the system. Be your own "floor general" like
Chris Paul.


Create your own circumstances and you'll be the master of your own fate.




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