The Hobby of Rap vs. The Business of Rap

The Hobby Of Rap VS. The Business Of Rap


Courtesy of Zar The Dip
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Every rapper begins the journey of music with embracing rap as a hobby.

Time goes on and usually the hobby gets perfected and the individual becomes a better rapper. The rapper goes from being just a good rhyme spitter to actually writing good songs. However some don’t progress, they don’t get any better they remain subpar .

This is when the line of hobby shouldn’t be crossed but it often is. I blame those that are around this person for allowing them to cross the hobby line and trying to make a business out of being a bad rapper.


The dishonesty of those that are around these upcoming rappers could save them, save the craft and save the business if they were told early on that they just don’t have it what it takes, or to spend more time perfecting the hobby before trying to take it to the business level.

Every successful business not only has a good marketing campaign but it first starts off with having a good product. There is a lot of bad product out here in the rap game. I came up in an era where people around you were brutally honest when you came with wack rhymes, they would tell u to your face “that shit was wack”! 

In today’s rap era people will lie to your face and tell you a song is tight or “cool” then go someplace else and say to someone else that “the shit was wack”, all the time you are mixing it and packaging it up to try and push it based on feedback that was a lie. This has hurt the game tremendously.

We need to be honest with these people and true enough its a different era and a nigga will shoot you for disrespecting him so I suggest you give him the good and the bad news when you tell them about there music.

Nevertheless be honest!

Maybe this will prevent more wack shit from hitting the streets!!!! So remember a good business begins with good problem! Some of you need to keep your raps in the hobby realm!!!!

Zar The Dip

Contributing Writer for

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