Speak Up For Yourself!


Speak Up For Yourself!
Matthew Shack


You cannot take 50 percent of the Game and expect 100 percent of the results.


Always make sure that when you have been disrespected or you are getting the short end of the stick, you speak on it, unless it is to your benefit to do otherwise.

If you feel very strongly about something, you should normally speak on it… period.  Because if you do not, it is only going get worse as time goes on.  


A hustler knows, “a closed mouth always goes hungry.”


So in process of not speaking up and letting things go, you better make sure that your closed mouth gets fed.


Whether your silence is based on the premise of it's a “business decision”, money, relationship status, protection of others, employment or general survival; make worth of it.


The old adage that ‘life isn't fair’ is truer more often than not, but you will ultimately be the one who has to live with whatever decision you decide to make.


In my own life experiences ‘speaking on it’ has easily been the best choice. When I have failed to do so, all I did was put off the inevitable.

People can sense when you have been personally maligned or ridiculed and they will sit back to see how you respond to it. Most will be sympathetic; others will view your lack of action as weakness then pounce.


On the contrary, not ‘speaking on it’ may also be the best thing to do, as well. This is where it is best to play chess and not checkers. Be strategic and review all possible outcomes when the stakes are high.


The well-known street idiom, ‘don't let your mouth get your ass in trouble’ is an astute one.


Yet at certain times, trouble itself is not a product of your own self-creation; it has been concocted by others.

Where do you think the term "troublemaker" comes from, initially?

Will you be that guy or gal to step up to the plate and put a bat on the ball? Or will you sacrifice fly to bring home a run? Or bunt? Or… you get the picture.


Rely on your own self esteem and belief system to reach a resolution.


But if you are solely interested in gaining popularity, then the 'speak on it' strategy is definitely not for you.


Getting along, agreeing with all while laughing at everyone's unfunny jokes will get you invited to the party.

To be respected, you have to be willing at times to go against the thoughts and beliefs of others within a group, and do what you need to do as an individual.


Can a person be both popular and outspoken, simultaneously?


Look to Barack Obama, Steve Jobs or Oprah Winfrey, as prominent examples.

By possessing both innate abilities with other intagible traits working in tandem, it is possible to be a high caliber person.

Remember, always be in habitual pursuit of your best decisions. The world can be yours if you strive to acheive your goals. 

'Speak on it' or not. The rest is up to you.

In the meantime... take 100 percent of the Game.



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