Don't Quit

Don't Quit
Matthew Shack

Just quit! 

Sometimes it seems like it is the only option after constant failure in reaching your goals.

Just quit!

You are thinking, “Why put off the inevitable? If it was going to happen, it would have happened by now.”

Just quit!

“I am tired of losing and I cannot tolerate the agony of defeat any longer and the outcome is final.”

You are NOT alone. Most of us have felt the torment of taking a beating in life and have optioned to just tap out and take the ‘L’ , in some cases.

There is nothing wrong with losing if you have given your best effort. But lack of effort is not what we speak of. This is all about forfeiture.

Quitting does not equate to loss because the act of losing requires an active effort to the contrary. To lose at something you had to have been within the "heat of competition". The end result of the contest could have went one way or the other. 

Quitting is...QUITTING. Period, point blank.

No effort is needed and none is given. In other words, you have conceded and acquiesced without exertion by sitting entirely on your ass.

You have rejected victory and have accepted total annihilation. You have abdicated and have humbly surrendered. You have thrown in the towel and now you are waving the white flag.

You f****** quit!
Remember this; nobody loves a quitter... NOBODY!

One of the most vital elements in the pursuit of victory is the discovery of something deep inside of yourself for you to draw strength from.

Though adversity, this will be your reserve from which you will draw your resolve and get you though those rough times conjointly tied in with accomplishing your dreams.

More importantly, what you have to consistently ask yourself is how bad do you really want it.

Can you live with the consequences of not giving your all? Will it haunt you for the rest of your life that you negatively raised up your hands and flew the coop like a rotisserie chicken?

If you are clearly not great at something and you constantly get reminded of it, that is not quitting; that is simply a strong dose of reality.

Reality is relative to the moment and the circumstances may be different in the future.

Deep down in your soul, if you know you are supposed to do something or you know that you have the ability to accomplish something, you start it and it goes unfinished? That's quitting.

One of the worst things a human being can experience through their journey of life is the question of "what if?"

'What ifs' cannot go away on their own, they will always be there, so it is to your benefit to make sure that you have at little of them as humanly possible.

Quick question, how many famous people who did not quit can you name of the top of your head?

Now how many famous quitters can you name? Not quite as easy is it?

Why? Because no one remembers a quitter, they only remember those who did not quit and have acheived.

Don't be a bum!

Get out there, do your best, fail, regroup, and get back out there in and fight for yours! Through it all, you will gain the courage you will need to become an absolute champion. 

Dare to be remembered. Be victorious! Don’t quit! At the very least, be competitve.

If you lose, so what? Learn from it.
Go back to the drawing board and try again.

Ultimately, life is a gamble anyway. It is to be won or lost on your own terms and merits.
But whatever you do... do not quit! 


Andy Dufresne, said it best, "Get busy living, or get busy dying."

Keep on grinding with that rock hammer... you just may hit, pay dirt.



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