Dress The Part

 Dress The Part
 By Matthew Shack

"Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." ~Mark Twain

They say you have to “dress the part to get the part”. But sometimes you have to throw on some clothes and just dress-up, period.


You can't walk around looking like a transient and expect to stumble into some money.


Unfortunately in this life, first impressions do matter, so it is to your advantage to give the best impression that you can from the opening tip.


You never know when opportunity is going to knock on your door and you don't want to be standing in your drawers when it does.



The thing to firmly remember is that if you are dressing casual, trendy or formally, always make sure that you represent that standard of dress to the fullest.



As a well rounded dresser, is important for you to have a couple of pieces in each category so you can build on what you do not have.


If you like to dress casual, have a few pairs of nice jeans and some cool shirts, graphic tees, button ups or pullovers, on deck. And always have a couple of pairs of spotless tennis shoes to accent your sportswear outfits.  



One thing that is definitely overrated is matching everything up when it comes to colors.

For me, this was the most challenging distinction because in my neighborhood, it was paramount that everything had to match, verbatim.


On my block, no contrasts in shades of color were acceptable; if it was green it had to be the same hue of green. Not blue/green and not aqua.

If your colors didn’t correspond with the rest of your ensemble, it had best be close enough or you would get laughed out of the gym. And even if it was, you were still told about it just to inform you that it did not make it past them.


But as your fashion sense matures, it soon becomes exhilarating to push the limits of your color scheme choices.

Feel free to explore and be stylish with your thread colors, but try not to resemble Roland McDonald in any capacity when you are finished.


The well-groomed man gets the job


Regardless if you are a rapper or an investment banker, you should always have to have a least one or two suits to rock when important money situations call for it.



In these situations, “keeping it real” when it comes to your attire can also keep you… real broke.


Personally, I went decades without a suit because I thought I was cool without one.

I refused to wear a suit and tie because I wanted to keep it real.

Did I still look nice? Absolutely.

But I was more a savvy dresser; leather coats, nice buttoned shirts and trendy slip-ons.


My mindset was “I'm not a stuffy a**, tight shirt type of cat”, but when it came time for me to go into a venue where substantial capital was incorporated, everybody else seemed to have on a suit.


I had a four different pairs of unworn Air Jordans in my closet with all the matching regalia, but I did not own one blazer.


As a true businessman, I initially had to go out and spend well over $2000.00 on suits, socks, ties, dress shirts, shoes and accessories just to get my formal game decent enough to go to a few meetings.



For the record, proper dress shoes will cost way more than a slick pair of Jordans or Air Force Ones, if you are really doing things correctly. Spending $400.00-600.00 on a pair of shoes that you are going to wear infrequently does take a certain mindset. But when the time is right, your footwear will be immaculate.


Today, I am on the right side of the game with my formal wardrobe and now I can continue to concentrate on other facets of my fashion stratagem.

Buying fresh new looks and putting them all together has not only become a passion; it is now an obsession.


I truly enjoy looking my best along with the public perception and appreciation that a sharp appearance ultimately commands.

The well-groomed man gets the best table

Another feature of your 'fit' game is your club gear. I am of the opinion that your club gear should not be the same as your sportswear.


In the past, I have personally seen people wearing what they had on at the mall in the daytime and show up to the club wearing that same fit, at night. This is definitely a no-no.



Your club gear should always be a notch above normal. You can wear jeans and sneakers or you can rock suits, but everything you have on has to make a statement.  


Also have your accessories on point. Watches, rings, chains, and sunglasses; make sure you stand out clearly, especially in a very dark nightclub or bar.



No one is suggesting that you to go out and spend “racks on-racks-on-racks” of paper to get your swagger on swell.



What I am saying is get a few nice and inexpensive pieces as your foundation. Not cheap gear or low quality fare, but fits suitably within your budget. Hit sales racks, check clearances and get you a couple of cool pieces that you can build upon.


Once your rotation starts to acquire thickness, you will be able to mix 'n match and put things together on the fly. You do not want to be rushing to the store on the day of an event to find something to wear unless you desire to do so. At the very least, you should be able to go into your closet and fish something out that works well.



The well-groomed man gets the girl


"An appearance of prosperity attracts attention always, with no exceptions whatsoever. Moreover, a look of prosperity attracts "favorable attention," because the one dominating desire in every human heart is to be prosperous."~Napleon Hill


Dress to make an impression and the ladies will take notice. Dress well enough to intrigue and they will come over and speak to you, themselves.

Who better to recognize a fashionable man of means than a beautiful woman who is dressed to kill?

To get money, you got to look like money. Look the part to get the part.


You want the girl??... The answer is very uncomplicated.

Dress sharply and stay cripsy!


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