Been Seen or Else!

Be Seen or Else!
ByMatthew Shack

“Everyone wants to be Cary Grant.
Even I want to be Cary Grant.”
Cary Grant

Any person, place or thing that is not seen or heard is fragrantly overlooked in this fast-paced social media driven machine called, 'life'.

Sorry everyone, that’s just the way it is.

Embrace it or stay publically irrelevant.

You need to do everything within your power to draw attention to yourself, and do it without remorse.




Because the average attention span of human beings is so short these days, people may unceremoniously omit your very existence without any sense of consciousness whatsoever.


So does this mean you should prepare to act a damn fool, paint your face up like Bozo the Clown and dance naked on the freeway in order to gain favorable attention?


Surprisingly, the answer is both yes and no. It all depends on the circumstances therein.

If you are a comedian or if you are trying to trying out to be in sequel of the classic-cult film, "Killer Klowns From Outerspace"? Maybe, it is a yes. If not, it is a resounding, no.

Have you ever wondered why the silliest of television commercials always seem to stand out in your mind afterward?

It is because the content in that 30/60 second spot has been carefully designed to create mind share within your own head.

In other words, it is taking up prime real estate within your conscious mind without your consent.





A great commercial spot seeps right into your subconscious and seeing it in perpetual repetition locks it into place.

It is kind of like being hypnotized into being cognizant of that particular product or service in the market place.

Does that ulimately mean that you are going to go out and purchase that specific product or service?

Not necessarily, but the odds are that you may consider that product or service as a legitimate option when you are in the buying mood.



One question that I like ask people is, “When I say 'hamburger' what restaurant do you think of?”  About 99 percent of the time, the other person says, “McDonalds”.


When digging a little deeper, many of those same people will say they favor other restaurants or they have not eaten McDonald's recently.   

After inquiring further on why did they say "McDonalds", many of them confirmed McDonald's was the first thing that came to mind. Hence, mind share in subconcious effect.


How all of this information pertain to you and your endeavors?


Well, if you are a DJ and you've done a well enough job of creating mind share in your area, if a situation emerges where a DJ is required for a party, corporate event or wedding, most likely you may be on a mental short list of those individuals who need a DJ to spin.


If you are a great barber, hair stylist or a nail salon person
 who gives your clients excellent service, you will definitely be recommended to others within your community.

By becoming consistently great in your craft, you can create buzz and grow your business exponentially by referral. 



In layman’s terms, this is called 'word of mouth' advertising, in the marketing world it is called 'mind share'.




In era where music albums are typically not selling well across the board, Justin Timberlake in his first week sales for his new album, sold a whopping 975K in units, last month.

How did he go about doing this?

His previous records were all smashes and he had not released a solo album in six years.

Futhermore, he pursued his acting career and even put the word out that he may not be returning to making music for a very long time.


With the sad state of affairs and the lack of quality driven music on the charts, die-hard Timberlake fans along with those people who were emaciated for great music flocked to buy his record.

Justin Timberlake stayed culturally relevant by being seen in film while letting his absence build up a demand for his music. He then followed up by delivering a sonic masterpiece of an album to the buying public.




So how do you go about being seen and staying relevant? That is the question that you're probably asking yourself at this moment.

The first thing you have to do is be methodically visible without becoming overbearing and overexposed.  



Be active on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google Plus.

Post interesting pictures and engage in popular conversations with others on social media outlets. Attend events that will increase your visibility and add awareness of your existence to the world at large.


Let them all know, you are in the building and you are not leaving anytime soon.


In doing so you may soon get invited to red carpet appearances and exclusive social gatherings where the mainstream press are available for coverage.

Provide your audience with an eye catching website and other promotional materials on you and your business.



At the very least, have a visually appealing business card to pass out to potential clients and customers when opportunities arise.

Having a business card is basic business 101 but, having them on your person is even more important.

You do not want to know how many valid opportunities you will lose by not having a business card to present someone when the time is right.



Whatever you do, court attention at all cost. What goes unseen counts for nothing. Like Tupac Shakur famously said “All Eyez On Me”.

Once people's eyes are on you, you will achieve a distinguished legitimacy and your journey to acquire social proof will gain momentum.




Acquire an unforgettable image via your style of dress, your mode speaking, your method of operation, your personality or whatever makes you unique.

Do what it takes to stand out but proceed with caution. Do not become a clown-version of yourself as people do not forget harlequins from the circus very easily.


Some people take things a bit too far in their pursuit of gaining attention and they become what is commonly known as an ‘attention whore’.

Do not become an attention whore, just attract attention.


Draw from the natural tendencies and traits that sets you apart from others and create character who is memorable.




Once you have acquired the necessary social proof and stature among your peers, you will also have to work at not becoming complacent in your position.

Recreate yourself as time goes on and never bore your audience.

Be seen, be heard and stay relevant.

Become important and stay that way.


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