Always Have a Side Hustle

Always Have a Side Hustle
By Matthew Shack


The number#1 and most indisputable law of the game is to ‘get your hustle on at all times’.


Number# 1A is… always have a ‘side hustle’.

But what actually is a side hustle?

The definition of a true side hustle is getting paid off something that you can already do or that you are already doing for free.

More importantly, things you can get paid from with minimal effort or time involved.

For instance, if your day job is being a makeup artist inside of Macy's, that means you apply makeup on the daily and you are most likely an expert.

Why not create a side hustle where you do makeup at weddings, photo shoots and commercials in your spare time?

If you are a workout warrior who happens to be in great shape, why not offer to train others for ‘X’ amount of dollars per hour?

You're already in the gym, anyhow. Why not get paid to be there, too?

Many times, your hobbies can turn into side hustles. Later on, those same hustles may eventually turn into your main source of income like,


Yes, The Flow Online was originally a side hustle.

I was a successful club promoter/record producer with an expansive email list that I wanted to make money from.

Co-founder Roger Hooks was a award winning graphic designer and marketing expert who liked to go to my parties occasionally, and also had an 'entertainment industry itch' he wanted to scratch.

Collectively, we pulled our resources, expertise and ideas together and came up with a solid concept that has stood over 11 years in the game.


Another success story is one of my best friends, Celebrity Barber Star, "AntCuts" in the San Francisco Bay Area.

He started cutting hair in his garage after working in a local barbershop during the day.

AntCuts established a niche in the community, by keeping a timely by-appointment basis schedule, along with a cool and laid back atmosphere which was completely different than the shop he worked in.


With a very satisfied clientele, he began to make more money in his garage than he did working inside of the shop.

So he quit the shop, saved his paper and eventually opened his own barbershop.


That is the power of the side hustle,
in action!



In this addition of The Playbook, we are not going to include illegal entities and operations as, side hustles.

We think you are more than familiar with the profits and perils of those particular businesses, so let's not play cops and robbers.


Although we do not advocate unlawful activity, we will say that on paper, the strategies and tactics of those particular hustles are indeed brilliant conceptually, but only if used within the confines of the law.

Planning and executing a bank heist with precision, and getting away scott-free may be a definitive show of brilliance, but there is not much of a future with that particular side hustle.


The fact is, many people never get started with their side hustles because they believe that they need an earth-shattering or game changing idea in order for it to be successful.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

All you need to get started is a customer who is willing to pay for your services and maintain a strong work ethic to keep your hustle on crisp.

Don't allow the fact that somebody else might have the same idea as you stop you from your grind.


Many times, several people start out with the same ideas but ultimately only one will succeed.

The individual who is most likely to be victorious in the end is usually the only one who is out there,
putting in work.

The person who is really out there grinding will always establish the superior hustle.  

There are three main components in creating or finding your side hustle.

1.) Hobbies that you already do for free.

Things that people are unable or unwilling to do themselves.

Have something that is in demand that people don't have easy access to and may want to pay for.



So remember; Always have a side hustle.
"Whip it real hard… Whip it, Whip it.. Real Hard!"


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