Take a Chance or a Risk

Take a Chance or a Risk?
By Matthew Shack 


There is a distinct difference between taking chances and taking a risk.

Chance is defined as “possibility of a positive outcome”.


Risk is defined as
“possibility of a negative outcome”.

In my view, taking a risk is akin to chasing a car on foot. Are you going after it? Yes. Are you likely to catch up to it?


Risk usually involves an emotional response, knee-jerk reaction or impulse. Mathematically, the probable outcome or failure rate is much higher than its presumable success rate.


Many times, the results are pretty certain to be negative or the odds are not in your favor to the tune of extreme loss, harm or even death.



One should never take on something that is too big for their britches, if it does not succeed.


My father used to always tell me to “think of the worst possible thing that could happen and if you can't live with the results; don't do it . If you can live with the result; do it.”


Spending a dollar for $600 million Powerball Lottery ticket is taking a chance. Spending all of your rent money on Lottery tickets in hopes of winning the jackpot is indeed risky.

Chasing a vehicle is directed by impulse, where as pursuing a automobile involves the implementation of strategy which means you have to put a plan together.

Risk is to venture into something where the consequences are virtually unknown with the idea that the venture could succeed in theory, intense effort and/or blessings.

Chance is the first-cousin of risk. Leverage is on your side and more favorable by a preponderance of the evidence, most of which was considered in advance. 



You thought about the variables beforehand and formulated a plan of action.

Now, you have estimated that the odds will be in your favor before you even participate in that particular pursuit.



Don't get it twisted, taking a risk at times, better than staying idle. You can either learn standing on your feet or sitting on your ass. Pick your poison.



This portrays the meaning of the phrase "desperate times call for desperate measures"



When all is on the line or things are woefully beyond your control, you may have to risk it all and"throw caution to the wind."






Risk and chance are not the same thing because one person’s chance is always another person’s risk.



You have to ultimately decide what and which decision is best for you based on your thought process. 



Life is a gamble and a game whether you win or lose. You really don't have a choice in whether you want to play it or not, if you plan on staying alive.

People who are living out their dreams are making tough decisions behind the curtain, everyday. There is no fortuitous success without taking chances or calculated risk. 


Do you think President Barack Obama just sits inside the White House playing X-Box 360, all damn day long??


Risks and chances are prerequisites within the duties and expectations of the office of Commander-in-Chief of these United States of America.


Even though you might fail from time to time, it is better to fail by forcing your hand and take a risk or chance than live a life of mediocrity.


That my friends is called, playing it safe.



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