I Want a Man but I Don't Want to Get Hurt

I Want a Man but I Don't Want to Risk Getting Hurt.



Some weeks ago I noticed a post of a girl on Facebook.

She posted that she wanted a man but she didn't want to risk getting hurt. I think this is the dilemma of most who have been in a relationship and been left behind, cheated on simply had to watch it end before they wanted it to.

No matter how nice one may go about it, to be on the losing end of a break up can leave some lingering pain, emotional scars and possible distrust.



So this is The Playbook and here is how you play it.




I commented on her post stating that once you find the right person that person will be worth the risk of getting hurt. This is a very true statement. Once you truly fall for someone you all of sudden are willing to forfeit everything... Friends, Job, Money, Logic, your other boyfriends or girlfriends, even your own kids unfortunately. If you haven't found the right person that level of distrust will remain.



So how do you know when you have found the right person?

Well, your feelings will tell you that. When it's more important for you to see them and spend time with them than it is to keep your guard up you will know then. When spending time with them becomes more important than your spending time with your friends then that is a hint that your guard is coming down. When you think first of their well being than your own then that is a hint your guard is coming down. This often occurs because the time you spend together provides you with such joy and pleasure that you begin to see no better way to spend your time. In that instance love over comes your fear.



So it's good to be cautious. 

This allows you to think through logically what your heart may throw to the wind. There is no reason one's heart should be freely given. It should have to be earned. It's earned with honesty, commitment, respect and consideration above and beyond and exclusive to you.




So if you want a man (or a woman for that matter) but afraid of getting hurt I put it this way... Give it some time and it tell you... because time always tells the truth.



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