A Minute to Win It!

A Minute to Win It!
By Matthew Shack

This is a number that you had better know well.

There are ten thousand and eighty minutes in one calendar week.

To improve your quality of life, increase your workflow and money making potential, you cannot think of your time on this planet in just days, months or years; you literally must think minute-to-minute.


What are you doing with yourself in the next few minutes? How are you using those minutes to get you closer to your goal?


True hustlers put every single minute of the week on the track and demand a return on investment. You have to understand that tomorrow is not promised to you. Every moment above ground is a good day.


With the ultimate understanding that tomorrow may not come, a hustler puts a hundred and fifty percent into today, because money is attracted to those who hustle harder.


No person with a legitimate amount of success has gotten there without a strong dosage of commitment, discipline, and sacrifice.

Always be the person who is doing something, or has something that they are about to do. Being idle is always an anti-hustler's M.O


As those minutes, hours, days, and weeks begin to accumulate with this newly found vigorous mentality, you will begin to accomplish more in one day than the Average Joe has done in an entire week.


People will begin to marvel on how you have accomplished so much in such a short time. But herein lies the key to the safe, we all have but 10,080 minutes per week to do so.


How you use your minutes determines how you end up ultimately at the end of the week.


Keep it hustle..  you only need a minute to win it!

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