Off With Their Heads: 7 Friendship Death Sentences


Off With Their Heads:
7 Friendship Death Sentences

By Matthew Shack




Friends Come and Go!


Like it or not, the majority of friends you have made in your lifetime; you will not keep for the long haul.

It may be hard to accept but, many of the friends that you currently kick it with on the daily, may not be in your life within the next 3-5 years.

Friends will always come and go.That is a proven fact.

Here are a
7 major reasons for friendship death sentences:

1) People change.
Self-explanatory. As you grow into who you really are as a person and where you'll be in the future, you'll have to cut the fat off those relationships that are slowing you down. Dump them before they dump you. 

  You Get Into a Fight With Them and Neither of You Apologize. If you’re truly a person’s friend and you were at fault, saying “I’m sorry”, or “My bad”  is crucial for life-lasting friendships. Pretending that things didn’t happen ends friendships, PERMANENTLY! Even if you just move on with them, the damage has been done.

 They Didn’t Support You As a Friend. This is so obvious but it’s the leading cause of friendship death at any age. The seriousness of this offense fluctuates from person to person and can vary from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous. What may be an infraction to one may be trivial to another but either way, a friend is lost.

 Friendships Revolved Around Things That You Don’t Do Anymore. Your crew is pissed-off that getting faded with them and partying on the weekends, is no longer a priority for you anymore. They say, you've changed and now you're funny-style. Frequent and snide remarks about what you are or aren't doing within the clique is
 a direct indication of a growing rift between friends. If you’re going back to school, chopping it up with new people, or seizing opportunities to better yourself and they're seriously hating on you doing so? (See #1, 3 and 6)  

Jealously. Major offenders usually fall in this category in some form or fashion. Bitter friendships can go undetected for years without your knowledge or consent.
In many instances, hidden jealousy will rise to the surface at the most inopportune time or place catching you totally off-guard. And when it does, you are completely oblivious to the cause of such viciousness from a so-called friend.

You're NOW officially on 'WTF just happened' status! 

The not-so funny thing is, they always knew the time would come for them to put you in check and... today is the day. 

How many times in history has an envious friend turned into a ferocious foe? Judas Iscariot, Marcus Brutus, Benedict Arnold... Oh, you never heard of any these guys?? How about Tupac and Biggie? Frenemies!  

A jealous friend is beyond a hater, they are a poisonous snake in the grass.
Pay close attention to the signs, at all costs. If you don't? Your frenemy might beat the breaks off your ass on the sneak-tip.

You Get Into a Serious Relationship. This is a true friendship tester. Many rules of the game may be violated by fake friends once it is firmly established that you are in love.
(See #1,3,4,5 for openers)

  Money. Lending or borrowing money from friends can lead to the bullshit. Also, a disparity of money between friends can be a toxic mix because it can lead to a sense of entitlement to what you or they may have. By giving or receiving handouts, you eventually create animosity. Even if the monies are eventually paid back, have just one instance when a money favor doesn't come through in a crisis and see how badly things turn out in the end. When it comes to lending money to family or friends, don’t do it! If you do…
don’t expect it back.  




Always pay attention to those frenemies floating in your atmosphere or your world may blow-up like Krypton.

Remember... Superman and Lex Luthor were BBFs in the beginning. Look at how THAT friendship turned out!

~Keep it hustle!


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