Paul Dobransky's Ten Laws of Being a Man


Paul Dobransky's Ten Laws of Being a Man

By Matthew Shack

"You know what your problem is, baby boy? You got shit all twisted. You got an Oedipus complex. You want your mamma to be your woman, but this is my woman. *My* woman!"  -Melvin from the film, Baby Boy (2001)


Paul Dobransky M.D., also known as "Dr. Paul", is an American writer, television and radio personality, author, speaker, former business consultant and CEO of several websites has came up with ten simple laws of how you live your life you can achieve extraordinary and powerful transformation.


"Listen Up, Jody!"



Ten Laws of Being a Man


1) Know that in everything you do, you must balance its value in furthering your MISSION as a man, with its value at building satisfying connections to WOMEN.

The Playbook:
From the age of 18 and beyond, you are a man. Understand this! Every goal that you attempt to accomplish, it's best to keep this in mind. No woman, specifically a dimepiece is looking for a man without a satisfying connection to them. Establish a value of self, and you will never sleep alone.

2) Respect and avoid it, but do not fear death.

The Playbook:
Death is inevitable. You only have an unspecified length of time on this planet, so make each moment count. But don't do anything that will speed up its arrival to your doorstep. We're all going to die, so embrace life to the fullest.

Character is Destiny.

The Playbook:
You are who you truly are, deep down inside yourself. No matter what role portray in public, the mack, the baller, the sucker or the simp.... your character as a person will ultimately determine your overall destiny. Build your character and solidify your destiny.

4) Choose the right woman, or all is lost.

The Playbook: The only thing worse than chasing the wrong woman is... CATCHING
her.  This is bibical, Proverbs 7-9No matter how much game you have, you will not overcome the WRONG woman. But with the RIGHT woman behind you, you can become Barack Obama or Jay Z.

5) ALWAYS CULTIVATE THE MYSTERIOUS (Or Risk Being Left, Cheated On, Fired, Or Unfulfilled.)


The Playbook: Having a sense of mystery may seem like a negative trait to cultivate, but it is indispensable to your overall success. Remember this; people do not respect those who they can consistently figure out. Mix up your patterns and change up your routines. Embrace the unexpected and be spontaneous or risk being treated like 'The Help'.

6) You are the cause of all failures and losses (Avoid Breakups, Losing Jobs, and Lack of Wealth)

The Playbook: Everything that happens to you is your OWN damn fault! This is what a separates the men from the boys. Be a master of self, not of circumstance. In reality, the only person you can control is yourself, so take responsibility for your actions in every situation.


7) Never give up on your mission (but always know when to quit what doesn’t work.)

The Playbook:
A real man may quit, but he never gives up. Just because you lost at love doesn't mean you'll never love again. If a job sucks, quit and find another job. If your business fails, create another one. Quitting the method doesn't mean quitting the dream.

You cannot succeed with women or in your mission without friends

The Playbook:
You are who you roll with. Ask any woman does she judge a man by the friends he keeps, if you are still in denial. The flipside is; you also need friendships and/or relationships to succeed and expose you to important connections that they may have access to, as well. Having  the right friends will help you make the right moves.

9) Give to the next generation, or risk failing your mission.

The Playbook:
Real men give back to their community. Be a mentor to those who have the potential to be great. Even if they don't appreciate it in the short term, they will always remember it in the long run. Giving back is what successful people do. Be successful by giving back.


10) Freedom is your key, your power, and your birthright as a man.

The Playbook: 
The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the right to freedom of religion and freedom of expression from government interference. This law is on the books but you have to live it wthin your own soul. You have the opportunity of a lifetime everytime you wake up from a sound sleep. You're not dead, YET! Freedom should be one of the most important aspects in your life. Without it, you are a slave to those who are free themselves. The weak are at the mercy of the strong. A lack of freedom is an innate weakness that must be eradicated, if you want to be successful. You were born to be free in the game, not a slave to the game.


~Keep it hustle!


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