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Are you a model, rapper, or other urban entertainer? Stop earning Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snap Chat, and Tinder all that money with your time and put your time to work for you at The Flow is the the first social media network that recognizes YOU, the Urban Hustler, and gives you the tools to actively chase your paper. If you have a hustle you're trying to get off the ground or a your just a fan of urban culture join us at



Here at we rebuilt, retooled and redesigned with our Hip Hop and Urban users in mind like no other Hip Hop and Urban site before us. 


By now you have probably experienced our patent pending 3D Thumbnail Navigation. This is only the first of much more to come in the future. But even today, in addition to Hip Hop news commentary, we review movies, music, urban celebrities and funny videos but we don't stop there. possesses an urban social network caterting to the needs of the urban consumer. You, our 'Urban Hustlers' like to the first to know and the first to-do. You are the early adopters before the early adopters so for that reason your Flow Page is equipped with new ways to let your people know you are the leader of your pack and the center of influence amongst your peers. You are an enterprenuer with a hustle on your mind. Whether you be a Rapper, Beat Maker, Producer, Graphic Designer, Graffiti Artist, Dj, or Promoter. You can even be a lawyer, agent, or manager looking for new talent. No matter what your need is in the entertainment realm is the platform for you to connect and collarborate like never before. 



 Using the Celebrity Spotlight to throw some Shine on YOU.

 You will find celebrity interviews on just like you would many other sites. What makes us different is that we highlight our members right along side of our celebrities. Just use our ezine that we allow you to customize with a image link to your own Flow page. Update your following in an entirely new way using our content to bring more value to YOUR supporters. Right here. Right Now. On



More than Urban/Hip Hop News and Commentary

You may find the Flow has Urban Hip Hop News and Commentary. But truth is so do some many other sites. What makes us different is that we provide the whole Urban/Hip Hop experience online. If you want to socialize and network with other Urban and Hip Hop fans we have a social network for you that caters specifically to the Hip Hop genre. If you want to collaborate with Hip Hop artist you can do that on If you want to promote your name, service, product or brand we provide you tools like no other place in the digital world. If you want to sell product, you can do that too. Whether or not you want to upload and share your mixtape, album, movie or other media works you can do it all here at



Free Customer Store

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your wares. Whether you want to sell a CD, Downloads, T-Shirts, Books, Posters or any other legal merchandise, provide it's users with a Free Store. Yes. It's absolutely free. We understand you're about your hustle but don't want to pay fees before you make a dime. We understand this so we made it easy for you to get up and running without the burden of fees to worry. What you make is what you keep. No commissions to share at all. Get with the Flow. We're about your hustle.




One of the new and unique ways offers ways for our members to promote themselves is through BattleBoyz. BattleBoyz is a digital platform that allows our users to battle and rank their results from the local block to world-wide status. You can battle Rappers, Djs, Mixtape Artist, Graffiti Artist, Beat Boxers, Dancers, and Beat Makers.








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